© Engineered Repair and ManufacturingTechnologies 2012 MOLDING Plastic and other molders are often plagued with downtime due to repairs that must be made on worn or damaged molds. These molds could cost a fortune, hence repair options must be made delicately or the risk of ruining the mold with distortion, cracks, embrittlement can forced the hand of the client into acquiring a brand new modl from the OEM. We can carefully study the situation and tailor engineer repairs to suit your needs and maximize your production levels. HYDROELECTRIC and PUMPING EQUPT PRINTING machinery are delicate and work under tight tolerances. There is no need to replace these when they become dameged or worn. We can repair or work to develop a cost effective exchange program that will enhance your bottom line. Runners, Wicket Gates Shafts, Servo, Bearings Pumps, Impellers Casings, Wear Ring ROLLING MILLS, their maintenance is critical for industries in printing, paper, steel, textiles and many others. Properly designed and executed repairs can add years of service, extended the life of the equipment and staving off replacement or lengthening the intervals between mean failures.