© Engineered Repair and ManufacturingTechnologies 2012 MINING & MATERIALS PROCESSING  subject to abrasive and other types of wear and tear, the OEM replacement and even aftermarket replacements are extremely costly. We can offer solutions that range from tungsten carbide to hard shore fluid elastomeric solutions to combat abrasise wear, as well as other types of repairs and machine re-engineering for better operation.  MARINE Bi-metallic corrosion, erosion- corrosion, cavitation and machinery, equipment repairs are common place in the marine industry. Downtime is at a premiun, drydock time is very expensive but not being able to fullfill commitments is catastrophic. Our solutions are designed with the owner in mind, and provide the best alternative to OEM replacements or conventional repairs. OIL & GAS, PETROCHEMICAL with large populations of pumps, compressors, reactors, boilers, turbines, valves, heat exchangers, condensers among other equipment, the Petrochemical Industry can benefit from substantial savings in both time and money, as compared to OEM and other repair alternatives. Oil, gas and other fuels are the engines of the economy, while we can’t live our modern life without them; however we can at least make sure that it can be produced at the most competitive price possible, by keeping O&M cost at a minimum.