© Engineered Repair and ManufacturingTechnologies 2012 Machinery repairs & reconstructions to OEM Specs and usually better! IF YOU ARE LOOKING for the most inexpensive long term solution, kindly allow us to help solve your problems. After analyzing the scope of work, we will only use the best metallurgical fit, highest quality materials, latest technologies with minimal or no heat input to restore your equipment and machinery to OEM specs or better!. Combined this with other services such as CFD, Stress analysis, CAD/CAM, SOLIDWORKS, PRO_ENGINEER, simulations....and we are an unbeatable combination. Whether is through our parts exchange program, one time repairs/reconstructions, chemical enhancement coatings, polymer repair technology, abrasion resistance cladiing, dimensional restoration, cast iron stiching......our solutions  will provide you with cost effective alternatives, freeing you from what can only be described as “the OEM hostage syndrome”.  “Liberate yourself from the OEM Hostage Syndrome”  Hard Chrome Alternatives - Environmentally friendly. High tech solutions to a high tech world!