© Engineered Repair and ManufacturingTechnologies 2012 POWER, RENEWABLES ELECTRICAL TRANSMISSION DISTRIBUTION  INDUSTRY - With a plethora of rotating, mechanical, electrical and other types of machinery, the power sector is suceptible to constant repairs & replacements and/or design modifications to maintain operational status and uptime-reliability benchmarks. OEM pricing and turn-around time is usually less than attractive; We are the perfect alternative and, if given the chance, will save you time and money! HEAVY EQUIPMENT Whether an oversized pin, bushing or a score hydraulic ram, fractured or broken enginer block, damaged crankshaft or sidewall tire damaged or conveyor belt problems; can all impact on the profitability of your operation in these very competitive times! OEMs solutions are very costly and are usually biased and time consuming.  We are here to help and provide a competitive alternaitve to the usual solutions, we can save you time and money! RAILROAD EQUIPMENT -The vast US rail infrastructure is vital to the economy, downtime is at a premium even in the face of exhorbitant OEM pricing and alternatives. We can provide a fresh alternative to outmoded pricing models for  conventional OEM replacements and an have you on your way in quick turn around time and at a fraction of the cost of replacements or unreliable repair methods.