Utilizing the most advanced & cutting edge technologies -Truly independent and Technology neutral. Parts Exchange Programs, Parts Pooling, MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul), O & M Agreements, Maintenace Agreements, Equipment Service & Repairs, Complete Overhauls, Outage Management & Support, Reverse Engineering, Virtual Simulations (Multiphysics), 3D Design, Used Equipment/Parts Sales…. .
Engineered Repairs, & Manufacturing Technologies Parts Exchange Programs, Parts Pooling, MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul), O &  M Agreements, Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA), Equipment Service & Repairs, Hi-Tech Repairs, Specialized In-situ repairs, Professional Consultations, Complete overhauls, Outage Management & Support, Consulting Engineering, Design & Fabrication, Reverse Engineering, Manufacturing CAD/CAM/3D, Specialized Metallurgical analysis, CFD, Stress Analysis among other services.  At the forefront of Engineering technologies for repairs and remanufacture of equipment and machinery, is Engineered Repairs and Maintenance +Manufacturing Technologies. Our core services are geared to the following sectors: Electric Power, Renewables, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Heavy Equipment (includes Mining), Railroads and Transit companies, Molding (plastic, glas etc), Marine, Pharmaceutical  and General Equipment.  Our products and services are designed to saved you time and money and get back to operational status quickly and without being held hostage by the Equipment OEM. We are also technology neutral, which means that we will engineered and pick the best available technology to resolve your situation, engineered repairs include, but are not limited to: Scope determination, NDE, Material (substrate) determination if necessary, myriad of technologies to restore back to OEM specs or better, FEA, Simulations, post residual stress, machining, post thermal treatment (if required).  Engineered Manufacturing, includes, but is not limited to: Revere engineered of parts, CAD/CAM/CAE, Multiphysics simulation, CNC Simulation, 3D models in Solidworks - Inventor. We have developed strategic alliances with modern machine shops to execute our projects, this helps us maintain a lean overhead and allows us to be more competitive.  Our services are available to all, however industrial customers are preferred as we can provide more competitive pricing in larger volumes or large machines. Professional Enginners on staff, metallurgical experts on staff among others. © Engineered Repair and ManufacturingTechnologies 2012